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GreenStar Hot Melt Primer

Product description

GreenStar Hot Melt Primer is a quick drying green synthetic rubber based primer for use with hot melt waterproofing systems designed to penetrate and seal a variety of porous surfaces including masonry, concrete, cementitious screed/renders, existing waterproofing and structural steelwork. GreenStar Primer creates a base seal and improves the adhesion of hot melt waterproofing solutions.

  • Ensures quick setting
  • Enhances adhesion to membranes
  • Suitable for use at low temperatures 5ºC - 25°C
  • Easily applied by brush
  • Use with hot melt waterproofing systems.


  • The substrate must be clean and dry, structurally sound and free from laitance, oils, dirt, moss, lichen and loose materials
  • Apply by brush or roller ensuring the primer is well applied into the surface
  • Apply a thin coat and avoid pooling 
  • Allow to dry thoroughly before over coating 
  • Ensure ventilation is sufficient
  • GreenStar requires between 15-30 minutes to dry, with a working time of 4 hours. GreenStar must be completely dry before applying hot melt membrane